From a distance, some old people look so sweet that you really almost take them for children. With their tottering steps and diaper-puffed pants the resemblance is uncanny, and you naturally react to them as you would to all adorable, harmless children. But then they see a black guy, and oh man. Suddenly, there’s no mistaking them for innocent youngsters, and you realize just how old and ugly they really are.

Their leathery faces pucker-up at the wrinkles, and you can read their lips as they mouth the word “nigger.” It’s really pretty gross. Plus, sometimes their fake teeth fly out because they pronounce too vehemently when they get to the “guh” sound. Then it’s just downright disgusting. You sort of think, “Serves them right, ” but nonetheless, you have to pick the teeth up for them anyway.

Racist old people- can’t live with ’em, can’t yet rely upon a government funded program to convert them into food.


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