Man’s Ugly Algorithms

  • The trunk of every tree is the handle of a blade that will one day hack at the roots of itself
  • Good relations between species depend upon one party supplying food and heavy petting to the party most likely to eat the other
  • Losing gracefully is the wisdom of knowing other’s success is preferable to seeming like a jerk

Silent Spheres Sing

This galaxy’s an island-

A continent of stars,

And a billion other galaxies

Drift right alongside ours.

A black, vast sea before us,

An image from the past.

Everything is now some place else,

But our vision’s not as fast.

Hidden folds of wonder,

Life humble as clay.

Strokes as bold as thunder,

Origin of days.

Yes More/ Maths Please

Puce is the color of questions nobody wishes to raise

Puce is the color of bodies nobody wished to question

Puce is the color of answers once bodies have been raised

Puce is so not a thing it’s a color

Puce is use full when trying to bore your self silly

Puce is loose! In the valley, in the mall, the city…

Puce is a lovely color similar to that of aquamarine + tangerine

Puce is obscene.

Nothing Good On

The new mother, Not-Nature, has begun providing for

A creature craving to devour all the piss-poor stock and store

Of a world so stuffed with hunger that it praeys to feed no more.

Nesting instincts with bad habits birthed this bestial kind of bore –

Deadbolted locks on deadened hearts, laid brick in open doors.

Lives now recede into themselves, untouched like none before.