(It’s true)

“There is no time like the present.”

The past


Perhaps, but only for a second.

And the future

(Where we’re heading)

Is just a repeating question.

All those within time lack all sense of direction.


We    hold    some    sway     against the passage of time.


We fill no space. Now is a point in a line.



the greedy boy

-However handed- & He’ll

Still get a cookie to his mouth.

Such a greedy boy!

To whom one hundred marbles

Would seem too measly an amount.

Perhaps one day he will know better,

Once life has forced each of them out.

Sleeping Dogs Lie

  • There is more than matter lying there.

For divine winds that move like air

Mingle what is dense with

What’s more rare,

Yet come and go unknown.

  • There is only matter lying there.

Like bodies propped in easy chairs,

When the lights have all

Gone dim upstairs,

There is nobody home.

Spare Change

Wisdom cries in public places, sharing private laments with a crowd of immovable wax. But having mistaken the expression for a kind of street performance, the assembly is unimpressed and believes it can do better. So they blink unseeing eyes and formulate replies from yawns,’til even Wisdom must concede that they better grasp the ways of men.


A Snuggie hand- knit
From the upper lip
Hair of 10,000
Neubile Young Lasses-
The epitome of luxury and style.
Self-taught for a lifetime-
Just not the Whole time-
How many times
Can you learn that you’re despicable?
‘Til it’s no surprise.

No matter tough nor taut,
No, all strips of cloth
Still rot beneath the sun.
Such is the lot of each
Muscle laid bare, save one.
That which moves at a speed
Of one second, per second;
That which moves with no regard
To the Measurer and his Tricks.
It can & must frustrate all expectations.

Origin Shaft

The brain is like a coal mine

Diamonds come from coal

When pressure, heat, and time combine-

Though all of this is merely told.

Who sees the process?

Can it be mapped out?

Or must some things stay unknown?

How do lumps of hardened dust

Become such priceless, precious stones?

The brain is like a closed mine

Though coal as fuel can burn and live,

Diamonds weigh down fingertips.

So what’s the use in value?